Parish Nurse Program

Parish Nurse Mission Statement:

I vow to be available to serve my faith community – sharing my gifts, knowledge, and nursing vocation.

With God to give me strength and guidance, I will seek to help others according to their needs as we share our spiritual journey.

St. Lawrence Parish Nurses

Holly Eberhard, RN, Coordinator
Jean Eberhard, RN
Jeanie Baxter, RN
Judy Vanderwielen, RN-BSN
Teresa Cramer, RN-BSN
Marilyn Deno, RN
Shary Devine, RN
Marsha Duda, RN
Cheryl Kochert, RN
Mary Nelson, RN
Medical Advisor-Cecilia L. May, MD
About the Parish Nurse Program
The Parish Nurse Program is a healing ministry designed to promote wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Its main purpose is to help the faith community enable members of the congregation to live full, abundant lives.The program is rooted in the mission of the church which proclaims the Scripture… go out and preach the Kingdom of God and recognize God’s desire for us to achieve abundant life. This health care ministry strengthens the congregation by enabling the congregates to focus on serving God by serving others on their journey toward wellness. The program is supportive to, not in competition with, the Pastors and other social service organizations within the congregation.

What is Parish Nursing?

Parish Nursing combines the practice of public health nursing with the philosophy of holistic care. Parish Nursing focuses on preventative health care, through education and counseling, to help members of the congregation lead healthier lives.

Who Is a Parish Nurse?

A Parish Nurse is a registered nurse who is committed to the healing mission of the church. This ministry of care is lived out, in and through a faith community.

What is the role of the Parish Nurse?

Parish Nurses work with members of the congregation in many ways, the Parish Nurses may:

 Provide health screenings.

 Teach classes on how to maintain health.

 Serve as a resource for community services and agencies.

 Develop support groups within the church.

 Visit Parishioners in the home, hospital, or nursing home.

 Coordinate congregational volunteers.

 Counsel parishioners on health related issues.

 Loan durable medical equipment.

 Provide a medicine chest for parishioners.

The Parish Nurses will not provide hands-on care or perform invasive procedures.