Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Father Andrew Dudzinski Pastor 765-742-2107 Ext. 972
Father Matthew Kalu Parochial Vicar 765-742-2107 Ext. 976
Father William Summerlin Parochial Vicar 765-742-2107 Ext. 973
Father Jeff Martin Parochial Vicar 765-742-2107 Ext.
Deacon Jim Rush Deacon 765-742-2107 Ext.974
Deacon Ed Boes Deacon 765-742-2107
Lori Finney Business Manager 765-742-2107 Ext.971
Tina Lewis Admin. Asst. 765-742-2107 Ext.970
Ryan Hillman Director of Evangelization 765-742-2107 Ext.975
Christina Dietzler ECHO Apprentice 765-742-2107 Ext. 829
Bill & Sue Bayley HS Youth Ministers 765-742-2107
Lyn Bordenet MS Youth Minister 765-742-2107
Kevin Frecker Director of Music 765-742-2107 Ext.830
Holly Eberhard Director of Parish Nurses 765-742-2107
Jody Williams Principal 765-742-4450 Ext.983