Welcome to Saint Lawrence!

From the minute that the Catholic Moment hit mailboxes and introduced this year's changes in priest assignments, people have been asking me on a frequent basis: "Are you excited about moving back to Lafayette?" I have been honest and told them that I will really miss the people of Peru, but I am extremely humbled by this opportunity to succeed Father Dan as your pastor. I am honored at Bishop Doherty's confidence. And, I am genuinely excited to be a part of the wonderful ministry at Saint Lawrence! Most of all, I am really looking forward to sharing in your daily lives. It is in the everyday aspects of our lives that we grow closer to God together and become his disciples.

A little bird told me that a Saint Lawrence Parishioner went up to Father Dan and told him that he was leaving very big shoes to fill. That parishioner... I shouldn't name names (Dave Mecklenburg)... then added that shoes that size could only be "clown shoes." It's kinda funny that the Bishop had to go to the Circus City (Peru, IN) to find a priest to follow Fr Dan.

You probably know that Father Dan and I get along very well and that his mentoring has provided me with so much - he has been an incredible mentor to many young priests. I can't imagine working at Saint Lawrence without him. But, I am confident that together, we can continue the wonderful work that his fine leadership has begun. It is truly an honor to continue the great tradition begun by the Franciscan Friars and built upon by our diocesan clergy.

Many wonderful things happen here at Saint Lawrence - the Mass and Sacraments, Eucharistic Adoration, Saint Lawrence School, religious education and youth ministry, outreach to the poor, care for those in jail, visits to the homebound and those in nursing homes, community building, and so much that make Saint Lawrence a community of deep faith. Father Duquaine and I are excited to be a part of this work of Jesus Christ!

This first year as your pastor I have set two goals for myself: First, to spend time getting to know each of you and learn more of the history of this community. Second, I am here because I love you all with Christ's love and I want to help you to grow in holiness.

Thank you for your hospitable welcome. I consider it a genuine blessing to be a part of this parish!


God Bless,

Father Eric Underwood

Saint Lawrence, Pray for Us!

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